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Lynn for All

I’m running for councilor-at-large because I know our city can work for all of us, regardless of our income, race, or neighborhood. I am a proud product of this city and its schools. I love Lynn and believe that Lynn residents deserve the very best: access to good jobs, excellent schools, safe and stable housing, reliable public services and public safety. Together, we can make Lynn a city that works, a place where all of us can thrive.

Housing for All

Whether you rent or own, you have seen that the cost of living is going up in our city. Keeping Lynn affordable for longtime residents should be our City Council’s top priority -- the decisions we make as a city now will define Lynn for years to come. 


No tax breaks should go to developers coming into Lynn without community benefits for Lynn residents. The people of Lynn should get first access to new units and any jobs new development brings, and developers should give our city funds to help improve our roads and assist with the development of housing for all incomes.

City Services for All

I have years of experience working in congressional constituent services. I know how to connect Lynn residents to the services they need, and I have the track record to prove it. Once elected, I will create a volunteer team, made up of young Lynners looking to build their skills, and senior Lynners with time and experience, to make sure your trash gets picked up on time, your street gets plowed, and the pothole in front of your house gets fixed, no matter what part of town you live in.

A Voice for All

As your city councilor, I will host regular rotating meetings across Lynn. I will come directly to you so that your voice is heard, and you can shape the direction of the city. The goal is to put you in the driver's seat, where you belong.

Jobs for All

The city of Lynn is only able to thrive when its residents are able to thrive. My top priority will be making sure Lynners have access to good jobs with living wages. I support unions across the city advocating for fair wages, working conditions, and the right to organize.


I believe small businesses can invigorate our local economy, strengthen our tax base so we have more money for our schools and public services, and provide good paying jobs for the people who already live here. I have experience bringing new, community oriented businesses into our city, and will be even better positioned to do so as your city councillor. 


I will also continue fighting to keep the jobs we already have here in Lynn, speaking out when employers such as GE attempt to outsource good paying jobs to other cities, states and countries.

Education for All

As a product of the Lynn Public Schools, I know the challenges and potential of our schools firsthand. All young people in Lynn deserve an excellent education. Supporting Lynn’s students means also supporting Lynn’s teachers and school staff, because our teacher and support staff’s working conditions are our students' learning conditions. 


As councilor, I will work with our teachers, parents and students to strengthen Lynn’s schools, and advocate for our schools to get the federal, state and municipal funding that they need to be successful.

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